Featured Work: Elizabeth McDonald

Elizabeth McDonald is a contemporary artist focused primarily on painting. Her work deals with anxiety, ritual, social hierarchies, and often the domestic landscape. While both lush and attractive, her paintings are also quite dark and troublesome.

Three Yellow Suits


Lost Home: Fukushima


Loose Pink Cake


Life of Luxury – Tropical Plants


Abandoned Zoo

McDonald will present an exhibition of new work at grayDUCK Gallery this May. I Only Know Plenty is a cohesive exhibition of several large and small scale paintings, drawings, installations, sculpture, sound, and video, each engaging the mind as much as they do the senses. McDonald takes an intentionally anachronistic approach to exhibition-crafting in order to explore a cultural consistency—perhaps a cultural need—to scapegoat and the rituals, acknowledged or unacknowledged, that surround these acts of blame and cleansing.

I Only Know Plenty opens Friday, May 15 and runs through June 21, 2015.

Hanged man close up

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