It Could Have Been Yours

Below is an inventory of various things I purchased/obtained during the East Austin Studio Tour. Remember everyone, E.A.S.T. is not only a time to have the same conversation with strangers over and over again but a time to boost our art economy and add some stellar items to your personal collection, often at stupid-low prices. Disclaimer: I am pretty much handcuffed to pump project all four days of the tour; however, while technically a single location, it is chock-full of variety and talent.


How much do I love Betelhem Makonnen? Let me count the ways. OR let me buy one of her awesome T-shirts they screen-printed over at ICOSA Collective.


These are some things I basically stole from the Pastelegram yard sale. Items from the yard sale included “failed artworks, sketches and working photographs, books, magazines, art supplies, used tools and machines, rocks, materials of interest, found objects, special objects and other assorted power objects and totems all priced to sell for $50 or less.”


Here we have three prints (from left to right) by Ricky Yanas, TJ Hunt and Barry Stone, as well as two back issues of Pastelegram that I had yet to purchase.


Above print by TJ Hunt

Matt Rebholz also purchased one of Landon O’Brien‘s homemade vanilla candles from the yard sale and brought it into my studio and left it there. So, this is mine now.


IMG_9125 copy

Please note the business card holder/sculpture by Aaron Meyers included in the picture above, as featured by Glasstire in their East Austin Studio Tour highlights here.


Image Courtesy Co-Lab Projects

This candle was originally used in one of my favorite pieces in Co-Lab Project‘s Third Annual Art of the Brew–one of my favorite events.

As I walked into pump project studio member Rachel Wolfson Smith‘s space, I saw her and Seth Orion Schwaiger kneeling on the floor, looking at two small paintings. I casually say, “Hey, what are those?” and Seth whipped around, made eye contact and yelled, “MINE!” Whoa whoa whoa– but then I look closer and say, “Wait, there are two…”

This is the one I purchased. He knew.



Seth with his purchase on the left.

This purchase was made outside of pump project on the streets of Cesar Chavez. This beautiful black engraved painting was from VM Fisk‘s very first Texas exhibition, which sat next door to Agave Print.


The Times We Met by VM Fisk

And of course I bought many of the books we had in inventory for the Conflict of Interest book sale. How could I not?


Above: American Short Fiction, Twenty-Something by Tatiana Ryckman, sad boy / detective by Sam Sax, Misadventure by Nicholas Grider (via A Strange Object), and Scumbag and This Room Has A Ghost by Stephanie Goehring.

Finally, these super amazing brooches I commissioned from Lys Santamaria. She makes amazing jewelry and a variety of beaded pieces, and I was totally blown away by the meticulous work she did on these.



Rebecca Marino is co-editor of Conflict of Interest. She also works as a visual artist and curator in Austin, TX.

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