Ted Carey

Ted Carey is a visual artist based out of Austin, TX. Since his sculptural work often relies on the context of the given environment, the documentation proves as important as the object itself. This documentation is essentially the permanence granted to the gestural and ephemeral pieces he creates and performs. Carey utilizes found objects and experiments with themes of tension (both physical and mental).



BATMAN (don't let the sound of yer own wheels drive you crazy)

Batman (don’t let the sound of yer own wheels drive you crazy)


Levitasted mass/ anxietea


Water-proof fire

shoe shim

Shoe shim

teaching my bike to sing

“A bike/cassette player hybrid, where a cassette tape head replaces the front brake pads and plays a looping tone from audiotape attached to the wheel rim. Various notes and rhythms can be achieved by riding at different speeds”

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