Janaye Brown

“It was a bright day and the wind made it seem even brighter; the clouds were racing across the sky. Out on the street I stopped and looked around. Two girls were standing in a phone booth outside a hotel. One was talking into the phone; from time to time the other leaned over and took up the conversation, meanwhile pushing her hair back behind one ear. At first the sight of them merely arrested my attention, then it cheered me, and I took genuine pleasure in watching the two of them in the tiny booth, as one or the other kept pushing the door open with her foot, as they laughed, passed the receiver back and forth, exchanged whispers, inserted another coin, and continued to take turns in bending over the phone, while outside the booth the steam from the sewer poured out of the street gratings and drifted off across the asphalt. The sight relieved me of all burdens. I watched them in a paradisiacal state of lightness, a state in which one has no desire but to see, and in which to see is to know.”

—An excerpt from Peter Handke’s novel Short Letter, Long Farewell

Cocktail Party (2014)


Rocks, with Salt (2014)


Gravity (2015)


Janaye Brown‘s video work explores perception of time and fragmented narratives. She is currently working on a long form video that compiles quotidien moments. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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