Photo Essay: Artist-Run

This year, Tiger Strikes Asteroid partnered with The Satellite Show, produced by Art Market Productions for art fair week in Miami this December. Their project, Artist-Run, focused “on the artist-run space, a thriving alternate model of support, exchange, and community to the established commercial market.”

Artist-Run housed an international representation of 40 such initiatives in a repurposed Miami hotel. Each room featured a different installation/environment by one of the groups, which ranged from collectives with permanent spaces to one-person pop-ups.

The project featured groups from 18 American and two European cities, “highlighting the global draw that the artist-run movement has for artists in the contemporary art world. Artist-Run’s focus on installations and environments distinguish this exhibition from the white-box displays taking place throughout Miami during the week.”

64610003Common People (Brooklyn, NY)

64610016Sediment Arts (Richmond, VA)

64610021Terrault Contemporary (Baltimore, MD)

64610017House of Gunt (Savannah, GA)

64610010Platform Gallery (Baltimore, MD)

64610019Fountain of Pythons (Tampa, FL)

64610026Art F City (Brooklyn, NY)

64610006Yellow Peril Gallery (Providence, RI)

64610027Open Space (Baltimore, MD)


64610005Club Chic (Vienna, Austria)

64610004Club Chic (Vienna, Austria)

64610007STANDARD PRACTICE and sarahcrown (Brooklyn, NY)

64610023FJORD (Philadelphia, PA)

64610013AUTOMAT (Philadelphia, PA)

64610009Square Art Projects (London, UK)

64610020   Penelope (Queens, NY)

     64610001Tiger Strikes Asteroid Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA)

Caleb Hammond and Kayla Romberger (Brooklyn, NY + Philadelphia, PA)

12309549_10100613322583873_5582425074422488248_opump project (Austin, TX) featuring Elizabeth McDonald and Frank Wick

Rebecca Marino is co-editor of Conflict of Interest. She also works as a visual artist and curator in Austin, TX.

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