Not Now Underground

201604 Not NOW RockstarNot Now Underground is an experimental songwriting duo creating thoughtful, deliberately conceived music to enhance visual or experiential art. To date, they have produced music for film, animation, websites and dance performances. For The Best Available Evidence, they utilized the concepts of redaction, misinterpretation, and the disquieting feeling of losing a word on the tip of your tongue. Grady Granros (New York) and Mark Lynch (Austin) have been collaborating on and off for years, and have just recently figured out how to make it work over the internet.

The Best Available Evidence is an exhibition of work by Rebecca Marino, on view at grayDUCK gallery April 1 – May 1, 2016. The opening reception will be April 1, 7–10pm and an artist talk and listening party will follow April 3 at 3pm.



Abandoned (click to play in new tab)

This is the first track, and acts as a kind of fanfare or intro. The visual we have in mind for this is a remote satellite tracking station that for some reason has been recently abandoned. There is a record skipping over and over on an old turntable. Then, playing over a small speaker on the desk, a transmission is received from someone or something trying to mimic the music, but it passes without ever being heard.

Half a Voice (click to play in new tab)

Keeping with the idea that this is a soundtrack, we have a number of elements that thread throughout multiple tracks. This tune introduces a melody that repeats later in the album in a different way.

Last Seen (click to play in new tab)

The album ends with a darker piece, but it can be taken a couple different ways. You’re in the desert, digging. You’re either searching for something or disposing of it. In either case, there’s no shaking a sense of expansiveness and the possibility of a witness.

Listen to the full album.

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