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Bobby Scheidemann is a photographer based out of Austin, TX whose work is interested in exploring everyday phenomena. Bobby also works as a freelance photographer for clients such as VICE and Bloomberg Businessweek.



A Prehistory of the Cloud by Tung-Hui Hu



Ubik by Phillip K. Dick



Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace



Benjamin Franklin, An American Life by Walter Isaacson



The Rim of Morning: Two Tales of Cosmic Horror by William Sloane



Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees by Lawrence Weschler



The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan


Internet Reading:

Walking While Black
“In this city of exuberant streets, walking became a complex and often oppressive negotiation. I would see a white woman walking towards me at night and cross the street to reassure her that she was safe. I would forget something at home but not immediately turn around if someone was behind me, because I discovered that a sudden backtrack could cause alarm. (I had a cardinal rule: Keep a wide perimeter from people who might consider me a danger. If not, danger might visit me.) New Orleans suddenly felt more dangerous than Jamaica. The sidewalk was a minefield, and every hesitation and self-censored compensation reduced my dignity. Despite my best efforts, the streets never felt comfortably safe. Even a simple salutation was suspect.”

“Seen theologically, then, walking is an act of faith. Walking is, after all, interrupted falling. We see, we listen, we speak, and we trust that each step we take won’t be our last, but will lead us into a richer understanding of the self and the world.”


Resist Pokemon Go
For the player of Pokémon Go, the injunction is to obey. Real human bodies are tamed and directed by dangling virtual lures: businesses can buy in-game items that will tempt customers into their establishments; the state could probably quell an uprising by scattering hundreds of rare Pokémon away from the central square. If they wanted to, the game’s creators could send people leaping willingly off cliffs, dawdling on train tracks, running into forest fires.


Efrem Zelony-Mindell’s articles on contemporary photography
Began studying photography and painting in High School at Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts in West Palm Beach Florida, graduated in 2005. Graduated in 2011 from the School of Visual Arts where he majored in photography and minored in painting. Contributing Writer at VICE. Contributing Editor at MOSSLESS Contributing Editor at aCurator Contributing Writer at L’Oeil de la Photographie Contributing Writer at Feature Shoot Contributing Editor of Arts at Style No Chaser Blog Content Editor at Brave New Camera Teach Assists at the School of Visual Arts Works, writes and lives in Ridgewood New York.


Was Philip K. Dick a Madman or a Mystic?
“Dick supposed time had stopped in 70 A.D., the year the temple of Jerusalem was destroyed by a Roman siege. Everything that happened afterwards was an illusion, and the world was still under Rome’s dominion.”


Luigi Ghirri’s Brilliant Photographic Puzzles
“His photographs play with scale, symmetry, tourism and travel; they betray a love of the land and a wish to care for it; they return us to the schoolroom, restoring the enchantment of knowledge without naïveté; and they somehow cut through the noise of our image-saturated environment to become, as he wrote, “passwords for the ineffable.”


This man has made 220 videos of himself sitting in a corner and smiling for 4 hours at a time
“I sit and smile for 4-hour durations, and stream it live on YouTube. By the end of this Kickstarter campaign, I will have sat and smiled for 100 episodes, or 400 hours. I will soon be moving to another city, leaving my part-time job, and so will need a new way to support myself. It is my wish to turn Sitting and Smiling into my job, and this fundraiser could be the beginning of that. If viewers support this project, it would allow me to devote more time and energy to Sitting and Smiling, increasing the frequency and quality of the videos. ”


Brian Eno Plays the Universe
“What I began to see was a close link between the physics underlying the first moments of the cosmos—how an empty featureless universe matured to have the rich structures that we see today—and Brian’s generative music. When I walked up to him one morning as he was manipulating the waveforms, he looked at me with a smile and said, “You see, Stephon, I’m trying to design a simple system that will generate an entire composition when activated.”


This Is the Last Thing Japan’s Lost Black Hole Satellite Saw Before It Died
“The intracluster gas is quieter than expected,” co-author Andrew Fabian of Cambridge University told Gizmodo. “We expected that the level would be higher based on the activity of the central galaxy.”


Jon Rafman and the World’s Hungriest Fetish
Speaking of consuming, virtual reality is so interesting because it absolutely goes against the rule of technology: it’s the first technical innovation in almost three decades which doesn’t make it easier to check your email. It’s actually the opposite: a full, immersive experience we can’t escape. Jon Rafman: Precisely. There’s something violent and arresting about it. And I think that that’s why it’s going to be so successful and there’s so much desire for it. It makes you suspect of it too: do we need to be blindfolded and have our entire visual field completely occupied to focus on something any more? We have to have something projected into our eyes to have that immersive experience that 19th century landscape painting once gave us. If cinema is considered the media of the 20th century, maybe this is what we need to stop being perpetually distracted.


Small Asteroid is Earth’s Constant Companion
In its yearly trek around the sun, asteroid 2016 HO3 spends about half of the time closer to the sun than Earth and passes ahead of our planet, and about half of the time farther away, causing it to fall behind. Its orbit is also tilted a little, causing it to bob up and then down once each year through Earth’s orbital plane. In effect, this small asteroid is caught in a game of leap frog with Earth that will last for hundreds of years.


Pictureplane Turned His Friends and Idols Into ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Cards
One of my favorite cards is the “Mark Snow” card. Mark Snow made all the music for the X-Files and his card has a special ability: when his card enters the game, you can play the X-Files theme music on your phone and make him way more powerful.


One of my favorite artists, and everything he talks about concerning digital work and discreet looping systems are beyond interesting.



New Museum Of Contemporary Art and SANAA architect, Kazuyo Sejima


Cao Fei: Building “RMB City” Art 21


Screen shot 2016-07-21 at 11.18.23 AM
MTV True Life I Live Another Life on the Web











The Silence of Plants
by Wislawa Szymborska
A one-sided relationship is developing quite well between you and me.
I know what a leaf, petal, kernel, cone, and stem are,
and I know what happens to you in April and December.

Though my curiosity is unrequited,
I gladly stoop for some of you,
and for others I crane my neck.

I have names for you:
maple, burdock, liverwort,
eather, juniper, mistletoe, and forget-me-not;
but you have none for me.

After all, we share a common journey.
When traveling together, it’s normal to talk,
exchanging remarks, say, about the weather,
or about the stations flashing past.

We wouldn’t run out of topics
for so much connects us.
The same star keeps us in reach.
We cast shadows according to the same laws.
Both of us at least try to know something,
each in our own way,
and even in what we don’t know
there lies a resemblance.

Just ask and I will explain as best I can:
what it is to see through my eyes,
why my heart beats,
and how come my body is unrooted.

But how does someone answer questions
which have never been posed,
and when, on top of that
the one who would answer
is such an utter nobody to you?

Undergrowth, shrubbery,
meadows, and rushes…
everything I say to you is a monologue,
and it is not you who’s listening.

A conversation with you is necessary
and impossible,
urgent in a hurried life
and postponed for never.

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