OUTsider Fest 2017

OUTsider is an Austin-based transmedia nonprofit that celebrates the bold originality and creative nonconformity of the LGBTQ+ communities through the presentation of provocative, overlooked and out-of-the-box film, dance, theater, performance art, music, writing and visual art.

Through its annual festival and conference, OUTsider unites queer artists, audiences and scholars from around the globe to exchange ideas, ignite conversations, transcend boundaries and experience new pleasures through artistic discovery.

OUTsider Fest 2017 is February 15 – 19, and you can see the schedule in its entirety here. This year’s theme has been dubbed “Into the Wilds.” Here are some of the things we are most excited about this year!


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BODY SHIP: Jeepneys & White Boy Scream
Wednesday, February 15 @ The Vortex (2307 Manor Rd.): 7:00pm- 8:00pm
This experimental sci-fi opera explores the physical and spiritual weight of colonialism through multiple dimensions of time and space. Two sisters turn their bodies into spaceships for an exploration and healing rite that traces Ferdinand Magellan’s journey to the Philippines, re-routed into the cosmos. Using live voice, beats, effects, analog synthesis and indigenous gongs, composer/performers Jeepneys (Anna Luisa Petrisko) and White Boy Scream (Micaela Tobin) team with video artist Miko Revereza to immerse audiences in sounds and visions reminiscent of a tropical jungle somewhere in the deepest reaches of outer space.


Photo Courtesy of OUTsider

Early Career Retrospective: Cassils
Saturday, February 18 @ The Vortex (2307 Manor Rd.): 3:30pm- 5:30pm
Internationally renowned performance artist Cassils unveils their physically and cognitively unbound artistry in historical overview.

Listed by The Huffington Post as “one of ten transgender artists who are changing the landscape of contemporary art,” Cassils has achieved international recognition for a rigorous engagement with the body as a form of social sculpture. Featuring a series of bodies transformed by strict physical training regimes, Cassils’ artworks offer shared experiences for contemplating histories of violence, representation, struggle, and survival, often juxtaposing the immediacy, urgency and ephemerality of live performance against constructed acts for camera in order to challenge the “documentarian truth factor” of images. Bashing through gendered binaries, Cassils performs transgender not as a crossing from one sex to another but rather as a continual process of becoming, a form of embodiment that works in a space of indeterminacy, spasm and slipperiness. Drawing on conceptualism, feminism, body art, gay male aesthetics, Cassils forges a series of powerfully trained bodies for different performantive purposes. With sweat, blood and sinew, Cassils constructs a visual critique around ideologies and histories.

*Co-sponsored by the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies LGBTQ/Sexualities Research Cluster at UT Austin*


Photo Courtesy of OUTsider

Joint Showcase:
Sunday, February 19 @ The Vortex (2307 Manor Rd.): 5:00pm- 6:30pm

Luis Gabriel Sanabria, Jose Luis Sanabria, Sebastian Turner & Olivia Warner
Two natural settings and the creatures that have evolved in each. Videos de- pict the isolated evolutions that are unique to islands, strange beasts that could not have come to be on the mainland. The creatures eat, mate and raise their young in beautiful, symbiotic dances. An alternate his- tory/future for the wild and isolated island of Puerto Rico that imagines a natural setting free from industry and colony, saturated and fertile. Post-human creatures create new magic and rituals from their surroundings.


Photo Courtesy of OUTsider

AKTION TOILET: Music Video Premiere & Talk
By CHRISTEENE; Produced and Directed by PJ Raval; Starring CHRISTEENE / T Gravel / Dawg Elf / Chubby D.
First ‘sneak’ screening of the newest music video AKTION TOILET by CHRISTEENE! Followed by performer and director commentary and discussion.

*Co-sponsored by Cine Las Americas*


Image Courtesy of OUTsider

Consideracion de las cosas mas cercanas: Santino Escatel & Russell Reed
@ The Vortex (2307 Manor Rd.): ONGOING
This intervention consists of working with objects and elements found at the Vortex Theater to construct a refuge that will feature small music boxes programmed to play melodic interpretations of songs from the 80’s and 90’s.


Image Courtesy of OUTsider

Sunday, February 19 @ Cheer Up Charlies (900 Red River St.): 7:00pm- 11:00pm
Closing Night Party with the notorious lezzie punksters, Girls in the Nose, the badassss riot grrrls, FEA, the seductive Fearlesque: Untamed Burlesque! and the dancey art-academe of Kegels for Hegel!

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