Ingrid Tremblay


Ingrid Tremblay is a Canadian artist based in Montreal, Quebec and Austin, Texas. With a background in speech-language pathology, Tremblay is interested in how we interpret objects and translate information-rich environments, both as unit as well as through the individual elements that compose it. Tremblay successfully goes beyond commenting on the mere “materiality” of objects by placing them into interactive systems as a way to contemplate the value, archaeology and social aspects of those materials.


Looking Further, 2016, digital print on cotton fabric (cut and weaved)


Chantier, 2014, found objects, plaster and ropes


Chantier (detail), 2014


Walking Stick, 2016, found object (metal and paper pulp altered but the outside climate), digital print, acrylic and plastine


Ad Ago, 2015, needle carved tufo, a volcanic stone from the Vesuvius, found in the area of Campania


window, 2014


3D line, 2014


Échelle (Ladder), 2014


Mitose (detail), 2015, plaster and wood


The painting who wanted to be a carpet, who wanted to be a cushion, 2015, acrylic and sharpie on canvas

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