#atxcollects will feature items from the collections of collectors, writers, artists, and many more sporadically and throughout the month of May. Share your own collected (or recently acquired) items with the hashtag.

“Every time I walk in my front door I’m greeting by our two dogs, two cats, and this hawk by Jules Buck Jones. I’ve long appreciated Jules’ ability to capture the power and energy of animals in pen and paint using dynamic lines, bold patterns, and bright colors. I’m gratefully that my husband traded Jules his childhood collection of every National Geographic magazine from 1980-2000 (or as Jules calls them “Natty G’s”) for this work of art and we love living with it. As if it was welcoming them to the menagerie, a pair of hawks roosted in our yard this spring.” — Andrea Mellard,  Director of Public Programs & Community Engagement at The Contemporary Austin

“I don’t really consider myself a collector, but I do have some pieces from artists I like. Fortunately for me, other artists are willing to trade their awesome work for my stuff! This print is from Mary Anne Kluth. I met her in grad school and always loved what she did. It is  called Master Bridge Study. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it.” — Robert Jackson Harrington, artist

Reclaimed Memories #14 – Yuri Arajs

“Yuri Arajs is one of my earliest art crushes, and he was also integral in getting me to start buying art. He ran an outsider gallery in Minneapolis where I’m from, and he had the slickest selling style ever. He would appear next to you when you were looking at a piece and say, ‘Yeah, that’s my favorite.’ Thing is, I still don’t think he was lying when he said it.

Yuri was also a mentor when I decided to start my own gallery here in Austin. I purchased this piece when I traveled back to Minneapolis to attend an exhibition of his art as a going away show: He was moving home to Vancouver.

What I love about Yuri’s art is the simplicity of his mark making, and his incorporation of texture. Yeah, this is my favorite.” — Jill Schroeder, grayDUCK Gallery

“This is a piece called Stones Hinge, by Kendal Kulley. Kendal used to live here in Austin, and I was so enamored by her work when I was first introduced to it – her pieces have real magic to them. They feel like dissections of ancient runes, rocks, bones and wood; they look as if she cut these things open and inside she found indecipherable treasure maps that spoke to all their secrets through the centuries. That’s what I feel like when I look at this piece. I think was it one piece, or was it two that she put together to create this beguiling shape? I think it looks like two separate creatures, with the lizard-like shadow forming the nose of a face on the right, its tail a small frown. And then a stick-like creature stands behind it on the left. What are these creatures? It completely enthralls me. We featured her work in issue 3 (of fields), but I wasn’t satisfied with just having it in the book, on the page. I had to own it. It hangs above my bed.” —Sean Redmond, fields magazine

This is my lovely Eric Zimmerman…my first art purchase from the old Art Palace in A town! It still makes me ponder on the daily! —Jade Walker, Art Alliance Austin

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