Donald Mason

I love the many elements of the urban streets. Construction, trash, graffiti, street art, and other interesting finds. I walk or bicycle around neighborhoods at least four hours on the weekends to keep up to date with the city pulse as I get my exercise. Over the years I have discovered that it is often the combination of my daily discoveries that leave me with an overall memory of the day rather than any single find. For the last two years I have been working to combine images from my morning bicycle rides or walks into one image that I have been calling ‘memory photos’. The memory photos remind me of some of the individual elements of the day, but they also create feelings of moments that I did not actually experience while I made the original photos.


Donald Mason’s interest in photography started in 1999 with the first few affordable digital cameras. Mason loves that photography is a very portable artistic outlet. He enjoys capturing moments in time and appreciates the perspective these captured moments brings to his present  time. His online presence is at and he posts regularly to the flickr platform and to other sites.

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