Visual Art

Bethany Johnson

Bethany Johnson is a visual artist living and working in Austin, Texas. Through observation and personalized interpretation, Johnson gathers and meticulously translates scientific data to create […]


#atxcollects will feature items from the collections of collectors, writers, artists, and many more sporadically and throughout the month of May. Share your own collected […]

Q+A with Margaret Meehan

Margaret Meehan is a research-based multidisciplinary artist living and working in Dallas, Texas. Meehan depicts and recontexulizes those of difference amongst systems of homogeneity, focusing on constructs of […]

E.A.S.T. Picks

Tara Bhattacharya – John Duncan –  Antumbrae Intermedia Events + Installations – First Street Studio / Emily Cayton and Andrea Hyland – Bolm Studios / […]

Q+A with Michael E. Stephen

Michael E. Stephen’s objects and arrangements, composed from appropriated and casted materials, conjure the complex visual experience of subcultures from the 1970s-1990s. Stephen’s selectively scavenged […]

Victor Pérez-Rul

Victor Pérez-Rul is a multidisciplinary artist using various technologies to convey the art of energy. Pérez-Rul lives and works in Mexico City, however, he has been temporarily residing and […]

Robert Collier Beam

Robert Collier Beam is an interdisciplinary artist currently living and working in Austin, Texas. His work centers around natural phenomena, perception, and most importantly, the human desire and intention to […]

Sean Gaulager

“After nearly a decade it’s hard to imagine myself without Co-Lab Projects,” says Sean Gaulager. “I think we are running in tandem at this point, […]

Q+A with Sean Ripple

outfit 2 – gif alone b/w fauxphalt for converse (she said the outfit looked patriotic), 2016. Visitor documentation obtained via smartphone camera and shared with […]

Q+A with Ron Berry

Ron Berry is the founder and Artistic Director of Fuse Box Austin, a multidisciplinary arts organization located in Austin, Texas. Ron has guided the organization through […]

Ted Carey

Ted Carey is a visual artist based out of Austin, TX. Since his sculptural work often relies on the context of the given environment, the documentation proves as […]

Q+A: Lora Reynolds

Lora Reynolds opened her eponymous gallery in Austin, Texas in 2005. She answered questions by email. Recommended reads include her 2011 interviews by Brian Fee […]

Support Free Beer

Support your favorite Texas contemporary art podcast and our good friends at Free Beer! They are hoping to acquire some better recording equipment so that they […]

Q+A with Ashley Thomas

Ashley Thomas is a visual artist living and working in Austin, Texas. Conflict of Interest Co-Editor Rebecca Marino stumbled upon her work in the current Young Latino […]

Q+A with Matt Rebholz

Matt Rebholz is a visual artist and professor currently working on a graphic novel, The Astronomer. Rebecca Marino: So you don’t actually storyboard your comic at […]